Presentations about our project.

Yesterday, after snak time we started our presentations about Univers, theEarth and its feratures,continents, oceans…

As you will see we have worked hard.

Aquesta presentació amb diapositives necessita JavaScript.

We had ants in our pants but at the end we did it brilliantly!

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3 respostes a Presentations about our project.

  1. Àneu, Joan i Txell ha dit:

    We are very happy to see that you are enjoying and learning a lot!!

    Lots of kisses!!

  2. Bastanist ha dit:

    Hi everybody.
    We are very pleased to take this experiencie and enjoy a lot !! says she also wants to come here., Josep i Bastanist

  3. Adelaida , Pepe, Ada i Brisa ha dit:

    Enjoy a lot and take this experience!!!!

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